October 30, 2019

๐Ÿ—“ 2019 October Updates

New features
- Allow users to quickly access Recent & Favorite Dashboards on Home screen.
- Allow users to check fail Job info for importing multiple data models.
- Support Conditional formatting for Boolean type.
- Support Grand total for Pivot Table.
- Introduce: Dynamic root Data Model Dataset

- Improved Search Experience on Mobile version.
- Improved Back Experience on Mobile version.
- Improved Chart Reset Zoom.
- Updated MongoDB connector to v2.10.2.
- Improve executed query tab in normal report, dataset, expanded widget.

Bugs Fixed
- Fixed: Cannot change Dataset Name.
- Fixed: Explore Dashboard's shared widget when source report is not shared.
- Fixed: Cannot move Data Model in/out folders.
- Fixed: Cannot run dashboard's email schedule when dashboard widget is removed.
- Fixed: Inconsistent data table display between report show and widget show.
- Fixed: Fail to export Pivot Table in Excel when Excel table includes null values in row cell.
- Fixed cannot rename chart/table when explore dataset
- Fixed cannot drill in Dataset-based reports
- Fixed cannot update Google Analytics Parameters in GA Data Import

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