August 30, 2019

๐Ÿ—“ 2019 August Updates

New Features

  • Supported data modeling for MySQL

  • Supported data modeling for MSSQL

  • Added a tab Executed Query for users to view the underlying query in Data Model โ†’ Data Preview


  • Updated new login form

  • Implemented Airtable Support Form

  • Improved chart context menu

  • Unified Loading bars

  • Improved UI Components

  • Improved reliability of Google Sheets API

  • Changeg From address of user invitation email to

  • Save state of browse left panel

  • Improved dataset creation exeperience

  • Made Report S3 exported files unique based on cache entry

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed advance number functions (Median, Varp, etc) for supported data sources

  • Fixed Bug and Improved Time Drill performance when Explore Report

  • Fixed Charts are automatically expanded in a very weird way

  • Fixed cannot expand dashboard in personal workspace

  • Fixed wrong behaviors when right-clicking on charts

  • Fixed schema explorer not working in older versions of SQL Server

  • Fixed exporting viz for model-based reports

  • Fixed persisted table not ignored when re-executing data model's persistence

  • Fixed error when copy Report with Folder left empty BETA