December 30, 2019

๐Ÿ—“ 2019 December Updates

New features
- Create Data Model from Google Analytics
- Action bar for Dashboard 3.0
- Action bar for Widget 3.0

- Improve Explore Everywhere context menu
- Update UI pivot table
- Prevent join deletion in case it is used in Dataset
- Prevent the custom field deletion when it's being used
- Apply Sort in Viz Settings into the underlying SQL
- Don't allow new users to add unsupported 3.0 Data Source

Bugs Fixed
- Fix world cloud bug
- Fix cannot get preview data of empty or one row only Google Sheet
- Fix Parent-child filters bug when parent filter has no options
- Fix additional Preload still runs although Auto Preload is disabled
- Fix conversion funnel chart miss pointing arrow
- Fix cannot upsert on existed empty dest table
- Fix analyst cannot access Data Import page due to deleted data sources
- Fix Line chart is invisible if there are NULLs in the time field BETA