March 30, 2020

๐Ÿ—“ 2020 March Updates

New Features
- Support Clickhouse data modeling.
- Support Snowflake data modeling.
- Support Facebook Ads data modeling

- Improve Holistics Password Policy
- Improve UI/UX Reporting left navigation bar
- Improve create query model performance
- Create Drilldown in the ad-hoc report in Dashboard
- Show all Data Models and Reports which are being used in a particular source in the Data Source management page
- Validate special character when creating calculated fields
- Restrict modifying filters during exploration
- Move Support Icon to top menu

Bugs fix
- Fix: Cannot preview CSV file with only one column when importing CSV to Data Warehouse
- Fix: Filters in mobile view is not responsive
- Fix: Cannot save report preference changes if the description is blank
- Fix: Order By is not supported in SQL Server's subqueries BETA