July 30, 2019

๐Ÿ—“ 2019 July Updates

New Features

  • Supported Druid SQL data source

  • Added database icon in data workflow

  • Allow users to select default writable schema

  • Allow users to Explore from Data Model

  • Search datasets in search bar

  • Explore everywhere

  • Allow Business Users to Explore Dashboard's Widget

  • Created home experience for users


  • Improved SQL Generation and Dataset Relationships

  • Improved Color Palette Logic

  • Improved UX and UI components

  • Improved Data Models performance

  • Apply viz sort and custom labels when exporting tables

  • Improved query to get permission syntax usage count

  • Made it possible for embed identifier values override processed filter values

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed time_period issue while expanding widget

  • Unify Dataset Dropdown Experience

  • Fixed: Stack chart's data labels are displayed as "undefined"

  • Fixed BigQuery numeric aggregations

  • Fixed unable to update Metric Sheets' title

  • Prevent saving DataModel fields with non-standard names

  • PostgresCache: do not clear cache eagerly

  • Fixed analyst cannot create Data Model from Data Table

  • Fixed default read_only setting of FilterValues

  • Disable create button in measure form when sql is empty

  • Fixed text in Data Transform and Data Import delete confirmation

  • Fixed bug same column name in relationships

  • Fixed Query template popover broken

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