March 30, 2021

๐Ÿ—“ 2021 March Updates

New Features

- Cross-filtering beta (contact us to test!)
- SFTP Schedules
- Bulk Actions
- New Heatmap


- Improved the dashboard filter while navigating to a widget in Node Explorer
- Improved the experience of selecting folder when saving 3.0 reports
- Allow custom measure for filter top/bottom N
- Improved the date/time filter setup in dashboard 3.0
- Supported the transition from the legacy heatmap to the new heatmap
- Improved the dashboard shareable link notification and empty link
- Improved the correct limit of re-run
- Hidden error survey for no fields selected error
- Removed number spinner in viz filter input
- Changed our custom row to the fixed bottom row of Handsontable
- Allow users to export data as CSV while exploring Dataset/Reports
- Handle scrollbar when the table has only one row BETA