November 26, 2019

๐Ÿ—“ 2019 November Updates

New features
- New Version of Dashboard
- Dynamic filter for Dataset-based reports
- Sub-total function for Pivot table
- Create Data Model from 3rd Party Sources

- Prevent Dataset's deletion when there is a report using it
- Prevent deletion data model when the already have dependencies
- Make the warning more transparent when there are too many columns pivoted
- Show error message when users do not have Google Analytics account
- Update new data source icon
- Improve Search Performance at IconService
- Show total rows/columns of Pivot in Excel export file
- Restrict users to disable Cache

Bugs Fixed
- Fix fields in the Data Model are still visible in Model Preview after being hidden
- Fix Drag & Drop bug in Data Set explore
- Fix: Pivot/Do not show Column/Row total if there is no row/column
- Fix cannot import MongoDB when the collection contains periods (.)
- Fix double click on measuring fields is not working in Data Model Preview
- Fix persistence status still displays 'Enabled' after saving the model with schematic changes BETA