September 8, 2019

๐Ÿ—“ 2019 September Updates

New Features
- Supported creating data model with import from PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer, GoogleSheet, MongoDB, Pipedrive and BigQuery
- Supported binary type for query
- Show recent dashboards on Home screen
- Allow admin to restrict users to export data from Shareable links
- Allow admin to restrict business users to export data

- Removed Nested Relationships in Conditions, Fields and Preview
- Not allow pressing ESC to close Field/Measure Creation Modal
- Saved limit settings to report Viz settings
- Corrected suggest data types for SQL Server on Data Import
- Automatically normalized name for SQL Model Creation, Custom Expression Creation Connect and Data Source Creation page

Bugs Fixed
- Fixed Link styles & Table styles in Tools
- Fixed imported data model wrong source name
- Fix report created from personal folder saved wrong place
- Fix relative date filter preview showing wrong value due to timezone BETA