Jan 30, 2019

January Update


  • Able to share data sources with a group of users

Jan 8, 2019

Like & Commenting System

Holistics just released "Commenting System", which helps increase the effectiveness of communication across the team when working with data. Learn more.

You are now able to:

  • Like or Comment in a Report/Dashboard.

  • Like or Reply to a Comment

  • @Mention users name within your tenant in your Comment.

  • Resolve your Comments

Dec 18, 2018

Able to change Widget's background color

Now you are able to change Widget's background color via Widget's Settings, so that you can highlight the important info or... just for fun 😄

To set background for a dashboard widget, simply go to Widget Settings and set the value:

Dec 18, 2018

Release v2.102 improvements and bug fixes


  • Support Alert mode for Dashboard Slack schedules

  • Widget Settings: Deprecate Widget Mode Selector

  • Support BigQuery in Asia region

  • Add loading indicator after pressing DELETE folder

  • Backend security enhancements

Bug fixes

  • BigQuery: Data Manager crash when there are more than one datasets' region

  • The filter in VIZ Setting not apply first value input

  • 'Edit Filter' doesn't show var and label anymore

Dec 11, 2018

December Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Metric KPI: Invert KPI Direction, Display as Value Difference

  • Save Left Nav "Browse" state

  • Able to customize Cache Duration

  • Query Editor remembers the recently selected Data Source

  • Fix Filters Display Issue on Microsoft Edge

  • Click to edit right away report's description

  • Turn off Funny Loading Message for Embedded Analytics

  • Do not prompt when leaving report page if report is not dirty

  • Other Minor UX Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Filter not keep same value when expand a Widget of Dashboard in Shareable Link

  • PDF dashboard doesn't apply local filters

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