January 30, 2021

🍀 Holistics Product Roadmap

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In Progress

  • Support Data Modeling for Clickhouse and Snowflake (V3)

  • Row-based Control for Dashboard (V3)

  • Amazon Athena modeling support

  • Filter Suggestions (V2's Visualization Settings, V3)


  • Better Column Format (V2, V3)

  • Drill-down, Cross-filtering (V3)

  • Drill-through (Support drill-through for fields from different datasets + Support field types other than Field) (V3)

  • Flow-based Schedule (V3)

July 9, 2020

Introducing Data Model Info

Our new Data Model Info is a central place to get an overview of your model's details & manage its settings. You can quickly access and control your storage settings, view data model's relationships, and check your data lineage visibility. All in one!

We are making incremental changes in our Data Modeling to help your workflow get easier, so expect newer, better updates incoming!

July 8, 2020

Infinite Scrolling for table widgets

We're glad to announce that our team today releases 'Infinite scroll for table widgets', which helps users fully see the entire content of a table widget (on a dashboard), instead of a fixed number of rows. With infinite scroll, you can capture these data rows continuously and not be broken by pagination, especially when you need an overview of grand total and sub-total correctly.