October 30, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 October Updates

New features
- Allow users to quickly access Recent & Favorite Dashboards on Home screen.
- Allow users to check fail Job info for importing multiple data models.
- Support Conditional formatting for Boolean type.
- Support Grand total for Pivot Table.
- Introduce: Dynamic root Data Model Dataset

- Improved Search Experience on Mobile version.
- Improved Back Experience on Mobile version.
- Improved Chart Reset Zoom.
- Updated MongoDB connector to v2.10.2.
- Improve executed query tab in normal report, dataset, expanded widget.

Bugs Fixed
- Fixed: Cannot change Dataset Name.
- Fixed: Explore Dashboard's shared widget when source report is not shared.
- Fixed: Cannot move Data Model in/out folders.
- Fixed: Cannot run dashboard's email schedule when dashboard widget is removed.
- Fixed: Inconsistent data table display between report show and widget show.
- Fixed: Fail to export Pivot Table in Excel when Excel table includes null values in row cell.
- Fixed cannot rename chart/table when explore dataset
- Fixed cannot drill in Dataset-based reports
- Fixed cannot update Google Analytics Parameters in GA Data Import

October 16, 2019

🎯 Grand total for Pivot Table

Holistics are glad to announce that we just released 'Grand total for Pivot Table', which help you not manually calculate data or download data in Excel to conduct aggregate function.

To use Grand total, you just simply go to Pivot Table > click Style panel on Viz Settings > turn on/off total toggles.

We strongly believe that this feature will play an essential part in shortening your explore time and enhancing your effectiveness in manipulating insights.
For more information, please refer to our publics docs: https://docs.holistics.io/docs/pivot-table

October 13, 2019

🧭 New User Type: Explorer

Today, we officially release a new user type: explorer

Previously, Business Users (or Viewers) are unable to explore but only view the reports and dashboards that are shared with them. We totally understand that limitation so we have empowered you by adding another type of user (Explorer).
Explorers are able to explore datasets & reports and can save their exploration quickly and conveniently.

Refer to our docs for more information: https://docs.holistics.io/docs/manage-users#section-user-roles

September 8, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 September Updates

New Features
- Supported creating data model with import from PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer, GoogleSheet, MongoDB, Pipedrive and BigQuery
- Supported binary type for query
- Show recent dashboards on Home screen
- Allow admin to restrict users to export data from Shareable links
- Allow admin to restrict business users to export data

- Removed Nested Relationships in Conditions, Fields and Preview
- Not allow pressing ESC to close Field/Measure Creation Modal
- Saved limit settings to report Viz settings
- Corrected suggest data types for SQL Server on Data Import
- Automatically normalized name for SQL Model Creation, Custom Expression Creation Connect and Data Source Creation page

Bugs Fixed
- Fixed Link styles & Table styles in Tools
- Fixed imported data model wrong source name
- Fix report created from personal folder saved wrong place
- Fix relative date filter preview showing wrong value due to timezone

August 30, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 August Updates

New Features

  • Supported data modeling for MySQL

  • Supported data modeling for MSSQL

  • Added a tab Executed Query for users to view the underlying query in Data Model β†’ Data Preview


  • Updated new login form

  • Implemented Airtable Support Form

  • Improved chart context menu

  • Unified Loading bars

  • Improved UI Components

  • Improved reliability of Google Sheets API

  • Changeg From address of user invitation email to noreply@holistics.io

  • Save state of browse left panel

  • Improved dataset creation exeperience

  • Made Report S3 exported files unique based on cache entry

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed advance number functions (Median, Varp, etc) for supported data sources

  • Fixed Bug and Improved Time Drill performance when Explore Report

  • Fixed Charts are automatically expanded in a very weird way

  • Fixed cannot expand dashboard in personal workspace

  • Fixed wrong behaviors when right-clicking on charts

  • Fixed schema explorer not working in older versions of SQL Server

  • Fixed exporting viz for model-based reports

  • Fixed persisted table not ignored when re-executing data model's persistence

  • Fixed error when copy Report with Folder left empty

August 21, 2019

Executed Query tab in Data Model preview

Previously, you are unable to know the underlying query when previewing your Data Model. For Analysts, this might create the uncertainty since they don't know whether or not their prepared data model is logical.

Don't be too worried, you are now able to view your executed query when previewing your Data Model.

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