Feb 21, 2019

Quickly change Date Period by right-clicking on chart

Holistics just released "Date Drill", which helps enhance the flexibility of users when they want to change Date Period.

You now don't have to go inside explore view or report editor view of each individual Widget in Dashboard or each Report to change the time period (from by month → by year for example), you could right-click on Chart Data to select a Date Period you want (by day, week, month, quarter or year).

Check our docs for more information.

Feb 20, 2019

Release v2.108 improvements and bug fixes


  • Clone Dashboard is now available: access it via the Dashboard Settings > Clone

  • Date-Drill: change Date Period directly from your reports and dashboard

  • Updated Facebook API supported version to latest (v3.2)

Feb 13, 2019

Release v2.107 improvements and bug fixes


  • Improved PipeDrive to MySQL data import: when the column type in PipeDrive is varchar, it will be changed automatically to varchar(255) on mapping to MySQL.

  • New option to import table on a large database: there will be an input bar for you to input the exact name of the table you want to import:

  • Tweaked widget title's width when there is a description icon.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the schedule label does not reload after an update.

  • Fixed a bug where the Embedded Dashboard by default is set to not changeable, but show changeable

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