February 11, 2020

πŸ—“ 2020 February Updates

- Able to search reports/dashboards in private workspace
- BigQuery DM: Always cast Date Time field in WHERE conditions
- Choose current data model when adding relationships

Bugs fix
- Fix: CSV preview still loading when file contains error
- Fix: Cannot refresh query model when the query is not changed but the columns are changed
- Fix: Preview table with no data will load forever

January 30, 2020

πŸ—“ 2020 January Updates

New Features
- Create new reports from the dataset

- Update UI of Pivot Table
- Auto-scale Pivot Table compatible with screen size
- Prevent Data Sources Deletion when they have models or reports
- Prevent users from changing Data Connection Type in Edit Mode
- Return proper Error message when fields in the relationship are deleted

Bugs Fixed
- Fixed: Table/Pivot table layout is broken
- Fixed: Cannot clear Report Name when exploring or editing report
- Fixed: Table flickers once before rendering into final form
- Fixed: Cannot navigate after entering the Metric Sheet page
- Fixed: Retention Heatmap image in Email Schedule is blanked

December 30, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 December Updates

New features
- Create Data Model from Google Analytics
- Action bar for Dashboard 3.0
- Action bar for Widget 3.0

- Improve Explore Everywhere context menu
- Update UI pivot table
- Prevent join deletion in case it is used in Dataset
- Prevent the custom field deletion when it's being used
- Apply Sort in Viz Settings into the underlying SQL
- Don't allow new users to add unsupported 3.0 Data Source

Bugs Fixed
- Fix world cloud bug
- Fix cannot get preview data of empty or one row only Google Sheet
- Fix Parent-child filters bug when parent filter has no options
- Fix additional Preload still runs although Auto Preload is disabled
- Fix conversion funnel chart miss pointing arrow
- Fix cannot upsert on existed empty dest table
- Fix analyst cannot access Data Import page due to deleted data sources
- Fix Line chart is invisible if there are NULLs in the time field

December 1, 2019

Create Data Model from Google Analytics

Holistics now officially supports adding data model from Google Analytics

For now, if you want to load data from Google Analytics, with just a few clicks, your Data is ready to explore.

November 26, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 November Updates

New features
- New Version of Dashboard
- Dynamic filter for Dataset-based reports
- Sub-total function for Pivot table
- Create Data Model from 3rd Party Sources

- Prevent Dataset's deletion when there is a report using it
- Prevent deletion data model when the already have dependencies
- Make the warning more transparent when there are too many columns pivoted
- Show error message when users do not have Google Analytics account
- Update new data source icon
- Improve Search Performance at IconService
- Show total rows/columns of Pivot in Excel export file
- Restrict users to disable Cache

Bugs Fixed
- Fix fields in the Data Model are still visible in Model Preview after being hidden
- Fix Drag & Drop bug in Data Set explore
- Fix: Pivot/Do not show Column/Row total if there is no row/column
- Fix cannot import MongoDB when the collection contains periods (.)
- Fix double click on measuring fields is not working in Data Model Preview
- Fix persistence status still displays 'Enabled' after saving the model with schematic changes

November 20, 2019

🎯 Total and Subtotal for Pivot Table

Holistics are glad to announce that we just released 'Total and subtotal for Pivot Table', which help you not manually calculate data or download data in Excel to conduct aggregate function.

To use Total functions, you just simply go to Pivot Table > click Style panel on Viz Settings > turn on/off total toggles.