June 29, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 June Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where user cannot view shareable links in Admin Tools

  • Fixed a bug where query metric does not work in ClickHouse data source

May 30, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 May Updates


  • Support Data Import for Postgres 8!

  • Added caching status for filters, this is very useful when you need to verify the filter data when using it on your dashboard/report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs on parent-child filters

  • Fixed a bug where boolean filter does not show current condition

  • Fixed a bug where color palette is not clickable after selecting colors

  • Fixed parent-child restriction for multi-select filters

  • Fixed a bug where different embed params go to the same cache entry

April 29, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 April Updates


  • Added "Non-select query" option to report

  • All widgets now have direct links that you could copy and share to your colleague without asking them to go the dashboard first.

  • Left side-bar: able to expand the dashboard to show multiple reports. A new icon is added to help to indicate which report is external.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users could not clone public shared report/dashboard

  • Fixed a bug where Filter Template shows wrong label

  • Fixed a bug where user gets InvalidAuthenticityToken error in embedded dashboard

  • Fixed a bug where table's width not showing correctly in email schedule

  • Fixed a bug where the field intended to be DATE type, but it is converted to TIMESTAMP automatically from BigQuery data source

  • Fixed a bug when adding a text widget on the dashboard

  • Fixed a bug where user is unable to override filter values in Dashboard widgets

April 23, 2019

πŸ”Ž Search report from a dashboard in the search bar

Holistics now supports search report from a dashboard in the search bar.

We understand that the flexibility when finding a particular insight is extremely critical to users. Previously, widgets inside the dashboard is unable to be found but now it's achievable just by simply searching for the name of the Dashboard's widget/report in the Search Bar.

March 13, 2019

πŸ—“ 2019 March Updates


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the workbook cannot fetch current data

  • Fixed a bug when user cannot apply selected date

  • Fixed a bug when the report preview is incorrect

  • Fixed a bug when there are too many columns after using pivot table

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