March 30, 2020

🗓 2020 March Updates

New Features
- Support Clickhouse data modeling.
- Support Snowflake data modeling.
- Support Facebook Ads data modeling

- Improve Holistics Password Policy
- Improve UI/UX Reporting left navigation bar
- Improve create query model performance
- Create Drilldown in the ad-hoc report in Dashboard
- Show all Data Models and Reports which are being used in a particular source in the Data Source management page
- Validate special character when creating calculated fields
- Restrict modifying filters during exploration

Bugs fix
- Fix: Cannot preview CSV file with only one column when importing CSV to Data Warehouse
- Fix: Filters in mobile view is not responsive
- Fix: Cannot save report preference changes if the description is blank
- Fix: Order By is not supported in SQL Server's subqueries

March 26, 2020

New appearance of Reporting Left-menu

Holistics today releases New Reporting left-menu, which help users not only save space by collapsing the navigation bar but also easier to access everything in Reporting tab.

You are now able to go to any file without expanding the left sidebar, just by clicking on Folder icon, all files in your workspaces will be fully shown.