January 30, 2021

🍀 Holistics Product Roadmap

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In Progress

  • Support Data Modeling for Clickhouse and Snowflake (V3)

  • Row-based Control for Dashboard (V3)

  • Amazon Athena modeling support

  • Filter Suggestions (V2's Visualization Settings, V3)


  • Better Column Format (V2, V3)

  • Drill-down, Cross-filtering (V3)

  • Drill-through (Support drill-through for fields from different datasets + Support field types other than Field) (V3)

  • Flow-based Schedule (V3)

June 2, 2020

🗓 2020 June Updates

New Features
- New Holistics color
- New Billing page
- Cache Settings (Holistics 3.0)
- Excel / CSV data export (Holistics 3.0)

- Show Support Banner to easier contact to our team
- Show Relationship guide when there is no relationships between models
- Remind users to get result after changing Viz Settings
- Revamp Data Modeling Left-menu

May 28, 2020

Data drill-through v3.0

With data drill-through, Holistics' customers can explore additional data related to one or more data in the original report within a click 🖱

For example, if we want to know the detailed sales performance of Singapore, we'll right-click on the slice of Singapore, select "Drill-through", then choose the dashboard "Country Breakdown". You'll then navigate to that dashboard, with the filter value of "Singapore"

Current visual types that support drill-through:

  • Table

  • Area

  • Pivot Table

  • Line

  • Column/bar chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Combination

To learn how Drill-through works, read more here: