Jan 30, 2019

January Update


  • Able to share data sources with a group of users

Jan 16, 2019

Release v2.105 improvements and bug fixes


  • The commenting system is improved with realtime

  • Add EnterpriseDB data source type

  • Implement custom measure and improve higher order model generation

  • Add user email into Debug Info

  • Integrate Google Tag Manager for trial tenants

  • Update tenant setting for friendly loading message

  • Improve Slack Integration Settings UX

Bug fixes

  • Fix schedule update is not saved at data import

  • Fix issue query Report cannot load when Filter's data source is deleted

  • Fix issue email schedule failed when having a dropdown filter which query from Data Source and its data source is deleted

Jan 8, 2019

Like & Commenting System

Holistics just released "Commenting System", which helps increase the effectiveness of communication across the team when working with data. Learn more.

You are now able to:

  • Like or Comment in a Report/Dashboard.

  • Like or Reply to a Comment

  • @Mention users name within your tenant in your Comment.

  • Resolve your Comments

Jan 8, 2019

Release v2.104 improvements and fixes


  • Add more info to email schedule failure notification

  • Escape HTML string before rendering code highlight component

  • Add tooltip to run query from hotkey in SQL editor

  • Change style of KPI metrics to radio buttons

  • No need to get columns' type when previewing data

  • Allow export dashboard widget to spreadsheet

  • Expand widget in a Dashboard in Embedded Link

  • Support relative date for Google Analytics

  • Support share datasource for a group of users (Analysts only)

  • Add new growth admin role to manage sell operations in active admin

  • Add Table Limit into Widget Setting when the widget is table

  • Move un-used filter warning out to filter preview

  • Add query template autocomplete to adhoc editor

  • Notify user when data transform failed


  • Fix bug cannot export Excel/CSV in embedded link expand mode

  • Reset editor focus when clicking on it

Dec 25, 2018

Release v2.103 improvements and bug fixes


  • Optimizing QueryReports#submit_preview endpoint

  • Auto fill #standardSQL for bigquery

Bug fixes

  • Fix puppeteer table viz image preview status and crop the image

  • Format SQL causes invalid syntax for {#if}

  • Slack schedule: Still get the message when the dashboard has no data

  • Exec SQL failed when create new report using result explore

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